Sarada Dongol

Nepali Precussionist

Namaste! I am Sarada Dongol. I play Nepali instruments and enjoy playing the Madal the most.I started my musical journey since early school days. Today I have played 10 madals solo at once in a stage.My dream is to play 32 Madal solo on stage someday. In the meantime, I encourage other women to start their own musical journey and play musical instruments.

Starting as an instrumental player, I certainly faced a huge challenges, but with the support of well known female singers nd musicians like, Ani Choying Drolma and Abhaya Subba, my dreams got wings. Some of my best performances were in


I am Pharmacist by choice of career and Madal Player by choice of heart.

Professional Life:

I have formed Shree Tara, an all women instrumental band in Nepal. I am also a founder of DhingTang Nepal which encourages women to play music instruments via courses and lessons.





Madal Collection


Story of My Journey

Details People used to call me crazy

I have never given up on my dreams. As my passion in music and instruments started to grow, people started to notice me. They used to call me crazy. Being a women and playing musical instruments, they thought my life would never be settled that way as it is hard even for male artists in this field. But with all my patience, I kept practising. I wanted to show them that we girls are able to succeed in any sectors where we put our hearts and minds on. Slowly, I got where I always wanted to , playing amongst thousands of crowds and supporters.

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